Custom Paws Pet Resort & Spa


per pet per night


$35/night (Max 2 cats)


$45/night  (Max 4 Cats)

20% off each additional pet residing in the same room

Mini Bar

$5 Lazer Tag 

$5 Cat Nip Spread

$15 Nail Trim 

All stays include individual play time throughout the day in our large indoor cat park! A television, feline bedding, faux rug, pet safe plants, blanket, pillow, litter tray, food and water dishes! Your purr-fect friend will love their stay with us!

Please bring pre portioned food in individual baggies per meal/ per day.

If you have multiple pets, please put the individual pets initials on each

pre portioned baggie, if they have the same initials, full first name.

If your fur babie(s) 'free feed' please pre portion daily amount.

Food not pre portioned will have an additional charge

$4.00 per day/ per pet

Cats without food will be fed 'Wholesomes' for an additional

$6.00 per day/ per pet (includes additional pre portioning fee)

An additional $5 will be applied to your invoice

Vaccines REQUIRED for Boarding - Rabies and Feline Distemper

Please download the Custom Paws app and update vaccines, feeding schedule , photos and so much more in your pets profile!

Reserve your pets vacation on our app or click Book Now!

50% deposit required at time of booking, refundable with cancellation at minimum of 5 days prior to scheduled stay. If we are able to rent the room(s) for canceled reservation time frame, deposit will be refunded or credited to account.

Coming 2023

Designed to provide your pet with an “enriched” boarding experience, which we accomplish by giving pets the things they need most: mental engagement, exercise, love, and the absence of stress.

Included in your fur babies vacation!

  • Individual private play and one on one interaction throughout their entire stay
  • Adorable photos of your fur baby during their vacation
  • A pet concierge
  • On call 24/7 vet care
  • Turn down service
  • Play areas specifically designed to reduce stress and minimize noise
  • Naps, snack times and plenty of snuggles and love for your fur baby
  • Each bedroom includes a television (furry friend themed during the day, soft, calming music at night)
  • Luxurious elevated bedding (floor bedding for senior or special needs babies, still luxurious) in all play areas and bedrooms
  • Blankets, pillows and faux fur rug in most play areas and all bedrooms
  • Pet safe plants in all play areas and bedrooms
  • Dishes in all play areas and bedrooms