Custom Paws Pet Resort & Spa

Here at CPGS our mission is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in the grooming process for your fur babies! Each of our team members are Fear Free Certified, AKC Safe Certified and CPR Certified. Each of our Pet Groomers also have their Pet Grooming Certifications with over 550 hours of performing to the highest professional standards.

We strive for a happy and positive Spa Day and highly encourage you to reward your pup for their Pawsomeness before and after their visits! Positive reinforcement is the key, whether your fur baby prefers treats over hugs, or taking them for a pup cup immediately after. We do give treats during the entire process (toys, love, hugs, kisses, peanut butter, ice cream, etc.) our "treats" are based off of your fur babies allergies, diet, personality and demeanor. We will not push them past their comfort zone, as this is a process and normally takes 2-3 visits to properly and safely desensitize your fur babies to the tools and environment; if they are new or anxious to the grooming process.

At CPGS we understand that all fur babies have their own story! Your fur baby could be a rescue, severely abused, may not like children, other dogs, or they may like small dogs but not large. Rest assured that your fur baby is in the right Salon! We keep all non-family pets separate at all times! Your fur baby does not run around the Salon unattended, instead we run around with them, engaging them with tricks and treats (breaks are a necessity and an important role to the grooming process). We maintain a safe and controlled environment throughout the entire process.

Yours and your fur babies health and well-being is our top priority! Along with requiring yearly vaccines, we disinfect all grooming equipment using Clipper and Barbicide. Routine sharpening and maintenance checks are required monthly. 

All areas of our facility are disinfected using Top Performance-256, monthly Flea/Tick Treatment (inside/outside, NO fur babies or parents are on site), and a constant rotation of freshly washed water bowl(s), bedding and toys between each fur baby. 

We look forward to meeting you and your fur baby!

Performing at the highest professional standards

for you and your fur babies!