Custom Paws Pet Resort & Spa


I'm an existing client, how do I access the app?

Please text/email your email address and we will send an invite right over! Existing clients need an invite code to access your pets profile.

Should I download the app to reserve an appointment?

Yes! Please download Custom Paws App to update all information for you and your fur baby, including - vaccines, allergies, feeding schedule and so much more! You can also reserve an appt on our website, click 'reserve now'.

Are you accepting new clients for grooming services?

We are currently unable to accept new clients for grooming services. As soon as we are able to accept new clients, it will be on our website and on our facebook page. 

What is the new address?

4408 Old LaGrange rd, Buckner Ky. . 

What vaccines are required for boarding services?

K9 - DHPP (Considered Core), Rabies & Bordetella

Felines - FVRCP (Considered Distemper) & Rabies

What vaccines are required for grooming services?

K9- DHPP (Considered Core) & Rabies

Feline- FVRCP (Considered Distemper) & Rabies

Puppies/Kittens- Current vaccinations (3 rounds of vaccines). Fur babies are required, by KY state law, to have rabies at 4 months old. 

What age should I schedule my fur babies first Spa day? 

We recommend puppies/kittens to come as early as 12 weeks! This will help desensitize and reinforce positive association with the grooming process.

How do I send vaccines?

Download Custom Paws App and update all information on your Pets Profile

My fur baby is normally sedated, will you groom them?

Absolutely we will! We highly encourage fur babies that are currently being sedated to give us a PAW! The first visit is specifically focused on building trust between your fur baby and our staff. This visit is based off of your fur babies comfort zone, their spa day may need to be be split over two visits or last all day based on their specific needs. Some pups need multiple breaks and rewards after each exercise of the grooming process. We are happy to work with them if you are willing to work with us.

My fur baby is a rescue with many health issues, can you accommodate?

Yes we can! Your fur baby will need to be groomed all of their life, no matter their age and or disabilities; Our staff is Fear Free and AKC Safe Certified and happy to accommodate to make this a pleasant and positive Spa Day!

Where does my fur baby go after their Spa Day?

At CP we are by appointment to customize to yours and your fur babies specific needs. We have large indoor playrooms for individual and family pups; if they need to be kept separate, that's not a problem, just let us know. Each room has: bed(s), blanket(s), toys, and water (sanitized between each fur baby).

How do I know when my fur baby is all set for pick up?

You will receive a 30 minute heads up via text, please let us know if you would like us to call, to let you know your sweet, adorable fur baby is all set!

How often should I get my fur baby groomed?

This greatly depends on your fur babies coat, temperament and specific needs. We recommend 6-12 weeks for most breeds, however, can be anywhere from every two weeks to twice a year.

How often should I get my fur baby's nails trimmed?

When you can hear their nails hitting the floor, your fur baby needs them trimmed, typically 4-8 weeks. This does depend on activity level.

Is the dremel (nail file) included with the grooming?

Of course! Each of our "Packages" include the dremel as well as our "Nail Trim Only", at no additional cost! If your fur baby is new to the dremel, we will slowly introduce this tool over their visits. Normally takes 2-3 Spa Days to be properly and safely desensitized.