Custom Paws Pet Resort & Spa


Full Day DayStay $40

Additional dog same family $25

Half Day DayStay (up to 6 hrs) $30

Additional dog same family $18.75

Note: If one of your fur babies can not be around other family members during their stay, full charge will be applied.


Single Pup

10 Visits $360

20 Visits $680


Multiple Pup's

10 Visits $610

20 Visits $1,170


Tug - a - Ropes

Tunnel Ma-ham

Tiring Tires

King of the Kongs

Soft Scape

Netflix and Nap

 Ball Bonanza

Riddle Run

Friendly Forest

Thousands of balls along with exciting games! Soft Scapes, explosive amount of tunnels for your furry friend to dip, duck and dive! Lazy time, to rest in between activities. All courses have bed(s) and water for naps and breaks anytime! Splash Park (YAY!) Outdoor/ Seasonal

$4 Scoop Doggy Ice Cream

Cheese, Bacon, Peanut and Banana flavors to choose from, no added sugars, lactose/grain free

$5 Frozen Filled Kong

Delicious Peanut Butter, Bacon and Cheese & Beef Liver trapped and frozen, waiting for your pup to devour! 

$5 Dog-a-rita

Frozen yogurt, banana, blueberry and strawberry

$5 Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat full of delicious hot dogs or beef liver, and your pups favorite treats!

$3.50 Peanut Butter Cup

Some pups like their delicious peanut butter straight!

Our Style of Day Stay is designed to provide your pet with a totally enriched experience, which we accomplish by giving pets the things they need most: mental engagement, exercise, love, and the absence of stress.

All stays include a pet concierge, on call 24/7 vet care, play areas specifically designed to reduce stress and minimize noise, an established exercise schedule to keep your pet healthy and active, naps, snack times and plenty of snuggles and love for your fur baby!

Every fur baby receives the royal treatment at our resort. Our Resort is 100% cage free, your fur baby does not sit in a room and is only let out around 2-3 times (only to use the restroom), instead, they get to run around all day with fun filled activities and games!

Your fur babie(s) will experience total freedom throughout their stay, everyday! All agility courses have 'Tinkle Turf' to ensure your fur baby is using the restroom even on rainy or snowy days! Six of our agility courses have unlimited access to an outside area, to ensure they are able to use the restroom anytime!

Specializing with Aggressive,

High Anxiety Special Needs

Fur Babies!

The Luxury Boarding & Daycare Resort we've all been waiting for, right here in Oldham County!

Our focus is one on one care, customized to the individual pets needs. Specializing with aggressive, high anxiety and special needs fur babies, we pride ourselves on communication, comfort and fun! Our Team is FearFree, CPR and AKC Safe Certified! Rest assured your fur babies are in the right hands! 

*We do not evaluate your pet prior to staying with us, each fur baby is perfect just the way they are! 

*Pups do not need to be fixed

*All pups are worked with one on one and our team is trained properly to care for your pups!

Pup doesn't like other pups? Not a problem! Non-family pets are kept separate at all times.  

Pup has a ball obsession? Great! With over 3,000 balls throughout 5 courses we've got them covered! 

Ball pits, snuffle mats, toys, tunnels, ramps, puzzles, splash park and so much more! Not only will your fur babies have a blast and so will you! 

Mini Bar