Custom Paws Pet Resort & Spa

Grooming Policies
By appointment only
Monday - Friday
7am - 6pm

Saturday & Sunday 


Text / Voicemail 502-287-9906

*Late Policy*
Exceed 15 minutes from scheduled appt time, original appt must be rescheduled (based on availability) and 50% of the scheduled service will be charged. If late this runs into the appts for the rest of the day. Not only do we work with animals, we specialize with aggressive, high anxiety and special needs pets. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, clean environment along with beautiful fur babies! In order to do so, we need proper amount of time to complete our tasks. 

*Cancellation & Reschedule Policy*

In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule, please provide 24 hour notice before scheduled appt or as soon as possible so we can attempt to fill the time slot with another client.

. Failure to do so will result with a 50% "No Show" fee of scheduled service.  

*No Show Policy*

Grooming services will be considered a "No Show" if there is no communication to cancel or reschedule prior to the appointment/less than 24 hr notice.  A 50% "No Show" fee of scheduled service will be charged.  Two "No Shows" are allotted per client, if more than two "No Shows", all future Spa days will be canceled.

**"No Show" fee must be received before any future services are scheduled or rendered**

Boarding Policies
By appointment only
Monday - Saturday
730am - 6pm


10am - 3pm

Text/ Voicemail 502-287-9906

*Early Drop Off Policy* 
If you drop off more than one hour earlier than scheduled reservation time $20 fee will be applied to invoice.  

*Late Pick Up Policy*

Boarding stays operate on a 24 hour basis. IE: Drop off time is scheduled for 10am, this means Pick up time is automatically scheduled for 10am. You can absolutely pick up as late as 6pm, however, there will be an additional charge as "Doggy DayStay" either a Half or Full day for the additional time and care for your fur babies!

*Pick Up Early Policy*

If you decide to pick up early, please let us know as soon as possible. This allows us time to wash any bedding, blankets, toys and pups. Help us ensure our team members have enough time to complete Departure Baths, Nails Trims etc. If you pick up early, you do not receive a refund; the bedroom was reserved for the time frame you chose. 

*Deposit & Cancellation Policy*

50% deposit is required once reservation has been approved, remaining balance is due on pick up day.  Deposit is refundable with minimum 5 days notice prior to scheduled stay. If we are able to rent the bedroom(s) for your reservation time frame, the deposit will be refunded regardless of notice. 


I have a boarding reservation and on my invoice is has Doggy Daystay, please explain?

Boarding is operated on 24 hours. I.E If drop off time is 8am, pick up time is 8am. You can absolutely pick up as late as 6pm, however, there will be an additional Doggy DayStay fee for the additional time and love it takes to care for your pups! 


Please email to set up a tour!

Tours are given Tuesday-Thursday, 430-6pm. 

The majority of pups are eating dinner during this time frame.  We specialize with high anxiety, special needs, and reactive fur babies and want them to be and feel comfortable and safe.  If we are rotating pups while on an unplanned tour, this can either stall the rotations or create fear and stress for pups that trust us.