Custom Paws Pet Resort & Spa

We Love ALL Paws! Specializing with aggressive, high anxiety and special needs pets.

All fur babies are welcome. 

We have the style, patience, love and proper training for all PAWS!!!


Our staff is here to help your pet feel safe and comfortable by customizing to their individual and specific needs. We give extra treats and extra love so they know this is a safe place. We take our time with each and every client, making sure they are not only feeling great, but looking great too! Visit our about us page to see the CPGS Family. 

 Conveniently located

on 146 in La Grange



by appointment only.

Mon        7am - 5pm

Tues        7am - 5pm

Wed        7am - 6pm

Thurs      7am - 7pm

Fri & Sat  8am - 7pm

Sun          9am - 5pm


Career Opportunities

  • We require all employees (certified groomers exempt) to bathe up to 60 days
  • We do NOT have size or breed restrictions
  • We do work with both cats and dogs
  • Must be able to safely lift animals at least 60 lbs
  • Must be able to stand long periods of time, approx. 8 -10 hrs
  • Must be able to bend, lift, twist, and squat repeatedly
  • Must have a knowledge of animal behavior
  • Must have copious amounts of patience
  • Must be willing to put quality time in an entry level position
  • Continued and up-to-date training throughout career
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must have a valid drivers license
  • Must have an UNMATCHED love for animals!

Custom paws is an elite upscale pet resort and we are looking for talent to join our team.  We are now creating a small grooming curriculum designed and offered to our dedicated employees that want to learn the trade and become a part of the Grooming industry.

We only promote employees that are currently employed and are experienced in our Bather position,  know our clients pets and have been dedicated to caring for them long term.

We run a tight ship as we work with aggressive, high anxiety, and special needs pets.

Many of the animals we work with have had bad or negative experiences in the past, some sedated for over 10 years, and need someone who can provide custom love while meeting our standards. We pride ourselves in providing a safe, fun and loving environment for fur babies and humans!


$13/hr minimum 90 days before advancement

Groomer Assistant

$15/hr. Min. 6 months before advancement


$14/hr. Min. 12 months before advancement

Boarding Personnel

$14/hr . Min. 12 months before advancement

Evaluation Required for Advancement

Commission pay plus tips. Requires 10  weeks of training, from a certified instructor.

Evaluation Required for Advancement
Operations Manager

Starting at $18/hr up to $30/hr

Boarding Manager

Starting at $18/hr up to $30/hr

Do you meet our prerequisits? if so,

Please describe:

  • Your goals, short and long term.  
  • Your experience with animals.
  • What makes you a great fit with our company
  • How you would handle a pup that tries to bite
  • How you work with others
  • How you work alone
  • How you work under pressure
  • Skills, certifications 
  • What sets you apart from others

Evaluation score

89% or less