Custom Paws Pet Resort & Spa

We Love ALL Paws! Specializing with aggressive, high anxiety and special needs pets.

All fur babies are welcome. 

We have the style, patience, love and proper training for all PAWS!!!


Our staff is here to help your pet feel safe and comfortable by customizing to their individual and specific needs. Rest assured our pet professionals will love your fur babies like our own!

We take our time with each and every client, making sure they are not only feeling great, but looking great too! 

 Conveniently located

on 146 in La Grange


by appointment only.

Monday - Saturday

730am - 6pm


10am - 3pm


Career Opportunities

*Currently hiring Certified Groomers*

  • Grooming Certificate required
  • Recently graduated? Please apply!
  • We do work with cats and dogs (cats not required)
  • Must be able to stand long periods of time, approx. 8 -10 hrs
  • Must be able to bend, lift, twist, and squat repeatedly
  • Must have a knowledge of animal behavior
  • Must have copious amounts of patience
  • Continued and up-to-date training throughout career
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must have a valid drivers license
  • Must have an UNMATCHED love for animals!

Custom paws is an elite upscale pet resort and

we are looking for talent to join our team!


$10-13/hr minimum 90 days before advancement

Groomer Assistant

$12-15/hr. Min. 6 months before advancement


$10-14/hr. Min. 12 months before advancement

Boarding Personnel

$10-17/hr . Min. 12 months before advancement

Evaluation Required for Advancement

Commission pay plus tips. Grooming Certificate REQUIRED

Evaluation Required for Advancement
Operations Manager

$18-30+ /hr 

Boarding Manager

 $18 -30+/hr 

Evaluation score

89% or less